Strengths of Pasona Global

Job seekers choose
Pasona Global for 3 reasons

A broad variety of Job Positions

Pasona Global is a leading global
recruitment company working with the
world’s top employers from different

  • Utilize your skills and experiences
  • Work in your dream country
  • Step up to the Management Level

Frequently opened positions

  • Webmaster for
    international page
  • Overseas
    sales position
  • Translating/
    Localization position
  • Business Development
    (Starting up new branches)

Need advice to make your career plan?

Meet with our multinational consultants for your future career plan. We provide a tailored consulting services

  • Explore and clarify your career goals
  • Discover what you’re doing well and what you could do differently
  • Reconnect with your passion and purpose

What we can do for you

  • Career
  • Interview
  • Offering
    Job Market Trend
  • Career

Services for International Candidates

Useful tips for Job hunting in Japan
Market status in each country

  • Advantage being a bilingual in Japan
  • Jobs market in Japan
  • Tips to write Japanese style resume

Our Services

  • Job Haku(Job Fair)

    Job Fair for
    International Students

  • Global Rookies


  • Pasona Dreams Club

    Community for
    International Students

  • LinkedIn
  • 海外留学生のためのお役立ちメールマガジン