JOB博 MyPage (Job博 MyPage)

「JOB博」とは?(What is 「JOB博」?)


JOB博 provides event and service related to Job-hunting seminar, company information session for international students in Japan.


Hello, everyone!
How much do you know about job-hunting activities(就職活動) in Japan?
There are many differences in how people do and start job-hunting between your country and Japan.

  • いつからはじめるの?
    When do we start?
  • 誰に相談するの?
    Who can we talk about job-hunting with?
  • どの会社が募集してるの?
    What position is open?
  • どうやってエントリーできるの?
    How can we apply for?


All these information above and the other related information you might not know yet, you can find from JOB博email!
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主な内容(Main Contents)

  • ビザ情報
  • 生活情報
    Living cost and all related information
  • 先輩留学生の体験談、アドバイス、現状
    Advice from career person, current market status, etc
  • 日本でのインターンや就職活動情報
    Internship program in Japan
  • 母国、第三国での就職活動情報
    Overseas local and international position
  • 外国人採用に積極的に取り組んでいるグローバル企業の情報
    Globalized Japanese companies with International employment
  • セミナーや面談会などのイベント情報等。。。
    Seminar and consulting meet-up event


Pasona global is here to support your job-hunting and find your dream job in Japan!!!

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